Starter current of a car with a gasoline engine
“What is the starting current of the battery and starter. How much current is needed to start a diesel engine?
Parallel and series connection of capacitors, circuits, calculation
What is a capacitor and its main characteristics? A capacitor is a radio component that works as
In general, this is an element of the electrical network that accumulates and
Problems on capacitors and electrical capacity with solutions
Formula The capacitor charge current is found using the formula presented below. It is measured in farads,
One of the divider options with sequential assembly
What are the methods for measuring high voltage? What is the duration of tests at alternating and direct voltage.
How to measure high voltage with a multimeter The main difficulty in measuring high voltage with a multimeter is creating
How to increase the permitted power consumption of electricity
MasterEnergoService company provides services to increase existing capacity. We will help you collect all the necessary documentation
How to choose the right power for your UPS. Let's look at the example of Eaton
The power of technical equipment or power plants (devices, units) supplied by them to perform work is indicated
How to connect and configure a time relay to lighting
Control devices and time relays The equipment we offer is designed to work as part of a variety of
Introduction to the theory of automatic control. Basic concepts of the theory of control of technical systems
I am publishing the first chapter of lectures on the theory of automatic control, after which your life will never be
§101. Current and voltage measurement Current measurement. To measure current in a circuit, ammeter 2
Voltage resonance or series connection of R, L, C elements
Reactance of inductance and capacitance Inductance is the ability of a body to accumulate energy in a magnetic field.
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