Table 2 - Design resistance of oil transformers according to GOST 11920-73 and GOST 12022-76 at a secondary voltage of 400/230 V
Checking the response time of the machine in 0.4 kV networks
An example of calculating the current of a single-phase short circuit In this article, I will consider an example of calculating the current
Lighting control schemes using different types of switches
Lighting control schemes using different types of switches
General principles for installing lighting switches Installation of a simple lighting system and control devices is carried out in
How to fix a light switch - repair instructions
How to fix a light switch - repair instructions
Types of switches and principle of operation According to the number of switched chains and the number of keys, all existing
Core EVs
SF6 tank switches type VEB-110II
Design and types of SF6 circuit breakers These systems are designed for operational monitoring of the condition of high-voltage lines
GSM socket Telemetrics T4
Smart home system or remotely controlled GSM socket with the ability to control temperature
The main use case for GSM sockets is to connect to them power sources of electricity consumption, such as
How to connect a socket to a circuit breaker in a panel - advice from an electrician
The house should be cozy, clean and safe. It is this last point that deserves utmost attention.
How to connect a motion sensor using different circuits and methods
How does a motion sensor work for lighting and its design, what the user needs to know about
Do I need to remove the charger from the outlet when nothing is charging?
What happens if you leave the charger in a socket without a smartphone - myths and truth
It is difficult to find a person today who does not have one or another gadget. Even
A special unit can simultaneously control several lamps
Remote light control - what is it, how does it work and where is it used, options for controlling lighting in the house
One of the effective ways to improve everyday comfort in the home is to switch from conventional to
Connection diagram for 380 volts in a private house
How to connect a three-phase socket with your own hands - connector designs
Three-phase 380V distribution boards are often used in private homes and much less often in
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