What can you make from an old microwave with your own hands?
Fantasy to help Store food, create a mini-laboratory for growing seedlings, etc. How
How to choose the right electric kettle? Detailed instructions for buyers
It is difficult to find a person who does not like to drink tea or coffee. Therefore, every day thousands of people
DIY solid state relay assembly instructions
Solid State Relay (SSR) or Solid State Relay (SSR) are electronic devices that perform
How to check a fuse and repair it
If your car's electrical equipment fails, you need to know how to check the fuse with a multimeter. Modern cars with everyone
How to connect a powerful load to a microcontroller
Microcontrollers / For Beginners / What you need to become a professional software developer
Electrode electric boilers: operating principle, advantages and disadvantages
If everything is very clear with the common heating element models of electric boilers, then an understanding of the operating principle and advantages
Practical diagrams for connecting three-phase meters, selection and installation
When connecting the meter yourself, you must have certain knowledge. There must be an exact diagram for connecting the meter
LED strip 12v or 24v - which one to choose?
In tapes with a supply voltage of 24 volts, the operating current is two times less,
Active and reactive electrical energy meters
Active and reactive electrical energy meters The most widespread type of electrical measuring instruments is active energy meters
A selection of soldering equipment and tools for electronics repair (Aliexpress)
Inexperienced radio amateurs sometimes face the problem of replacing microcircuits on a printed circuit board. Producing like
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