How to make a lampshade for a chandelier from cardboard: 4 simple ways
Are you dreaming of adding brightness to the nursery or refreshing your workspace in the house? Or maybe
Basic rules of lighting for suspended ceilings: design types, modern options
Proper room lighting creates comfort and helps maintain a person’s physical and psychological health. Light influences
DIY lampshade for a chandelier: 15 bright ideas
DIY table lamp shade: 50 best ideas
Photo: Lighting is one of the main components of any interior. Correct light supply, game
USB pinout
USB pinout on the motherboard: what, where and how
USB pinout on the motherboard: what, where and how Most modern peripheral devices are connected
Arduino control via serial port and PHP
Connection diagram We connect resistors directly to the RGB pins and Arduino pins. We use a common anode
Arduino Mega 2560 Rev3 - Characteristics, pinout, drivers, board description
Characteristics of Arduino Mega 2560 Microcontroller ATmega2560 Operating voltage 5V Supply voltage (recommended) 7-12V Voltage
Important technical characteristics + parameters of LED lamps
Emission angle Emission angle refers to the angle at which the light intensity is halved. Light
Checking the socket with a multimeter
Automatic switching on and off of lights in the toilet and bathroom
Preventive measures for long-term performance of the hood To ensure that the air filtration structure serves as well as possible
diode bridge
220 volt LED strip and everything you need to know about it
for convenience, a small toggle switch is soldered into the gap of one of the wires. If it is not there, then
Dimmer for incandescent lamps: types, how to choose, best models and manufacturers
Modern electrical devices provide a number of additional capabilities. Many users have already appreciated the dimmers that allow you to smoothly dim
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