DIY soft start for an asynchronous motor
DIY soft start for an asynchronous motor
Soft start device for electric motors Soft start of an electric motor has recently been used more and more often.
Heated floor connection diagram (photo): technology for laying communication systems for electric or water heated floors
Modern technologies for installing underfloor heating systems are now actively used in the housing and social sphere.
maximum permissible voltage
Online calculator for determining the permissible stresses of materials: steels and alloys of aluminum, copper and titanium.
The online calculator determines the calculated permissible stresses σ depending on the design temperature for various
Automatic phase switch
Purpose, selection and connection of an automatic phase switch
In some cases, industrial and sometimes household single-phase lines are powered from a network with
Review of switching power supplies and electronic transformers. Part 5
Sequence of actions for converting an ATX power supply into a regulated laboratory one. 1. Remove jumper J13 (you can
Application of pulse relays for lighting control
When installing automatic lighting control systems, various types of switches can be used. Some devices, e.g.
Turning off the lights for non-payment
What to do if the lights are turned off for non-payment: 5 sure steps
Sometimes people experience illegal power cuts. This happens for various reasons and many
Converting a screwdriver to 18650 lithium batteries
The first models of screwdrivers were equipped with nickel-cadmium batteries Ni-CD (less often nickel-metal hydride batteries Ni-MH). They have
How to use an intercom: operating principle, components, rules of use
Intercom device First, you should find out what the device consists of. The intercom system is built from the following
How to change rotation on a commutator motor
DC and AC brushed motor
In household appliances, hand-held power tools, automotive electrical equipment and automation systems, a commutator is often used.
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